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Liquid Staking on Sui with Nightly


Liquid staking gives you a way to earn extra from your staked tokens, making the most of your tokens on Sui. And we'll show you how.

Nightly supports cNFT and pNFT Solana standard


Solana revolutionized the NFT space with cNFT and pNFT standard. Now, Nightly fully supports it, let's dive into what makes them so unique.

Nightly supports Solana Priority Fee


Nightly now has full support for Solana's Priority Fee. What advantages does it bring and how to use it to elevate your trading experience - we figure out in our blog.

Jupiter Solana Airdrop Q&A: Everything You Need to Know!


With the buzz around Jupiter's massive airdrop, I bet you've got tons of questions. Well, I've got answers! Let's dive into the Jupiter Solana airdrop in a Q&A style.

NEAR Wallet Migration Things you have to know


NEAR is in the process of Wallet Migration. While it is a big event, it still raises many questions among the crypto community. Let Nightly solve them for you!

Introducing Nightly Safari Extension: A Breakthrough in Mobile Crypto UX on Solana!


Tired of switching the tabs to approve every transaction? We introduce Safari Extension, a new, feature of our iOS mobile app.

How to stake $AZERO with ledger


Staking is a safe way to support your chain, and it provides an opportunity for increased yield. But it's even better with a hardware wallet like Ledger.

Nightly's Achievements in 2023: A Year of Innovation and Integration


As Nightly says farewell to 2023, it's a good moment to recap this year full of achievements. Let Nightly show you some that we are proud of them the most.

Top 4 most promising Solana airdrops


Santa is generous this year. Let Nightly show you some of the most important airdrops on Solana. Start reading and get some free token rewards on Solana with Nightly.

How to stake $AZERO - 5 steps tutorial for Aleph Zero


Staking is a great option for both, supporting your favorite chain while getting additional yield. Find out how to get rewards over time with staking!

How to Build Your First Aleph Zero App with Nightly Aleph Zero Template dApp


Navigating the setup of a coding environment while learning Aleph Zero can pose a challenge, remaining a hurdle for new developers embarking on their initial projects. Recognizing this, Nightly has developed a versatile template designed for any dApp on Aleph Zero.

What's staking on Aleph Zero


Staking is one of the safest and most stable ways of supporting Aleph Zero. This guide will show you how to stake and get some $AZERO through staking them.

Nightly Connect in a nutshell


Building dApps is challenging and time-consuming. Try Nightly Connect – a permissionless wallet adapter and connection-establishing tool to simplify your life.

How to claim PYTH Airdrop? Quick Tutorial


Solana overcame negative trends, and its users will have a good time. Not a while ago, Jupiter Exchange announced its airdrop during Breakpoint, and it looks like PYTH is going the same way. Let us explain how to take part in the upcoming PYTH airdrop.

How to Build Your First Solana App with Nightly Solana Template dApp


Navigating the setup of a coding environment while learning Solana can pose a challenge, remaining a hurdle for new developers embarking on their initial projects. Recognizing this, Nightly has developed a versatile template designed for any dApp on Solana.

Solana Token 2022, now supported by Nightly Wallet


We're happy to announce that Nightly now supports the new token standard on Solana - say hi to Token 2022.

How to stake AZERO tokens using Ledger


Staking your tokens may seem difficult, but it's a great way to support your favorite chain. But how to do it safely? In this guide, on the $AZERO example, we'll demonstrate how to stake your tokens with Ledger.

How to stake on Aleph Zero - Nightly's tutorial


Staking your tokens (it doesn't matter whether they are $AZERO or any other token) can be challenging. In this text, we will show you how to do it in just a few clicks.

Hello, Aleph Zero on Nightly Connect!


Nightly Connect is reaching out to another chain to enhance users' experience. Let us show you how Aleph Zero will benefit from Nightly Connect.

What's the point of Nightly Connect?


Nightly Connect is a tool that improves the overall quality of wallet and dApps connection in the entire Web3. But why was it created?

How to build your first Sui App - Nightly Connect Template dApp


Setting up the environment while learning to code on Sui can be challenging. Even now, it remains a barrier for new developers looking to embark on their initial projects. That's why Nightly has created a versatile template suitable for any dApp on Sui.

How to migrate your NEAR wallet in 5 steps


NEAR Wallet migration is almost complete, and it's high time to get started. Let Nightly be your guide for NEAR migration in just 5 simple steps.

Nightly on Aleph Zero - hot projects in your area


Aleph Zero is one of the most prominent chains in the entire Web3. Nightly believes in this chain, but it wouldn't be such a great place without all those working projects. Let us tell you about some of them.

Nightly's NEAR raffle - win up to 110$


Recently, numerous statistics indicated that NEAR is one of the most active chains in the entire Web3 ecosystem. We are determined to make these statistics even more impressive, which is why we've organized a raffle to reward our NEAR users.

Improve UX of your dApp - Nightly Connect on Aleph Zero


Nightly Connect is here to elevate Aleph Zero to the next level. Let us demonstrate how it has already done so with Art.Zero.

What's the purpose of Nightly Connect?


Nightly Connect is a tool created to unlock new possibilities for dApps, extensions, and mobile wallets on thriving blockchains. Let us explain why having such a tool is important.

Let's connect - Nightly Connect for mobiles


The percentage of people primarily using their mobiles is constantly growing. Global statistics show that there are around 4.5 billion mobile users on Earth. It's high time to introduce these trends to crypto.

Nightly redesign - It's time for a new style


At Nightly, we believe that for something to be comfortable to use, it has to be visually appealing. That's the reason behind our recent design changes!

Nightly Connect - The Revolution Begins on Sui, Solana, and Aleph Zero


Nightly Connect is a solution that addresses all wallet-related problems. In this post, we'll show you how we do it on Solana, Sui, and Aleph Zero.

nightly.azero - Find your unique domain with Nightly


Nightly has been integrated with Azero.ID. Let us showcase the key highlights of this partnership.

Nightly Wallet - The Entire NEAR Ecosystem in One Space


Blockchain without projects building on it is nothing. That's why we're going to tell you a little more today about some projects from the NEAR ecosystem that we've integrated into our wallet

What's NEAR Wallet Migration? Easy tutorial


Ready for a seamless wallet migration? Embrace the Nightly Wallet and unlock the power of NEAR wallet migration effortlessly!

Nightly on Aleph Zero: Fennec has never been so secure.


Never stop growing! We're thrilled to announce that from now on, you can use Nightly on Aleph Zero blockchain. Learn more!

How to start with crypto? Nightly’s Game-Changing Feature


We've just added a tab in our wallet where you can find all essential Solana, NEAR, Aptos and Sui projects.

Nightly and Umi Swap — upgrade your crypto experience


We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Umi Swap - DEX Agreggator on Sui and Aptos

Simplifying Aptos with Nightly Wallet and Aptools


We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Aptools

NEAR Blockchain - Protocol that changes Metaverse


NEAR Protocol is one of the first blockchains that Nightly has integrated into its extension and mobile wallet. Learn why it is a great opportunity for a crypto community.

Nightly Wallet Integrates Wormhole Connect For Simple Bridging


From now, you can bridge your token through metaverse, thanks to our collaboration with Wormhole

Crypto Made Convenient: Nightly Wallet adds Google OAUTH


Now, there is no risk, that you will lose your seed phrase. You can store it safely with Google using Nightly

Aptos - upcoming pretender for big leagues in Web3


Aptos is going to be one of the biggest players in the upcoming crypto bull market. Read and learn why it's an important addition to Nightly Wallet.

Solana - Nightly's perspective on one of the biggest crypto ecosystem


Nightly introduces one of the chains which are on extension and mobile multichain wallet - Solana blockchain.

Hello, SUI on Nightly Wallet!


Are you tired of managing multiple crypto wallets? Or maybe you just can't wait to surf on SUI waves? Either way, Nightly has the solution - we believe the future is multichain. We are happy to announce that Nightly supports SUI from now on.

Let’s stake! Everstake enters the Nightly-verse


Everstake play with Nightly Wallet! Now, you can stake your coins directly in Nightly Wallet

Lido x Nightly


From now,. you can stake you SOL to stSOL directly in Nightly Wallet.

Hello World! Nightly Marketplace & Launchpad


In this post, we want to introduce Nightly Marketplace & Launchpad, which is the next part of our Ecosystem.

Meta Pool x Nightly


From now, you can use Nightly in Meta Pool, and stake your NEAR directly in our wallet.

Staking & liquid staking on Nightly Wallet


From now Nightly is giving you an opportunity to stake your tokens directly in the wallet

Time to see the daylight - Nightly is live


Good things are worth waiting for, but you don’t have to wait anymore - Nightly is live!

Hello Aptos!


Nightly already supports 3 blockchains. And this is just the beginning in our multichain adventure. In this post, we will introduce you to our new supported chain

NEAR plays with Nightly


From now, we are building with the support of the NEAR Foundation

Hello World! Nightly Connect


In this post, we will introduce to you, another part of the Nightly Ecosystem - Nighty Conenct, which will Conect your dApp with mobile users

Hello World! Nightly Wallet


It's Nightly - your key to the metaverse. We are introducing to you the first part of the ecosystem - Nightly Wallet

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